Major Fraud Wanted To Be A Millionaire

He cheated. That's the wrong answer boys & girls

Three strikes, you're Out Pete Rose 'Angel' Pagan Major Tom...whatever. That was pretty stupid to argue with the umpire.

Fredo was weak and stupid. He pushed all-in with a losing hand while the cards were on the table.

Fredo liked donkey shows and just wanted something for himself.

How provocative. Consider me provoked.

You won't get any God Money, but you're going to get what you deserve

Because it's never enough for you.

"Beware of covetousness in all its forms because those are all mina talents" says the Lord.

The rooster says "It's payday". But you didn't pay back your 'payday loans' as demanded boys and girls.

March 19, 2019 USA Today headline was "DENY, DENY, DENY"

Then Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him: "Before the rooster crows today, you will deny Me three times." Then slippery Pete went outside and cried like a bitch when he realized what he had done.

Like I said, you're all going to hell boys and girls. This is how deadbeat pete and the major frauds go to hell with their mommy.

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Metaphorically speaking:

There was this one time that this rich gazillionaire dude tried to help a guy with his stock portfolio.

The guy told the gazillionaire that he knew everything he needed to know because he took an economics class in high-school and "No one tells me what to do but me".

What a f'ckin moron, huh?

So, Those "Other Messages" Have Been Moved Here

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